Chris Boren

Hi, I'm Chris Boren, a web developer with over a decade of experience. 👋

My journey began in Metro Detroit, where I co-founded a repair shop called Detroit Geeks and discovered my love of development. Evolving into a Staff Software Engineer over the years, I've mastered technical challenges and led high-profile engagements for brands like McDonald's, Hilton, Red Rocks, and various government entities. My role combines technical prowess with strategic leadership, developing impactful websites and applications for industry leaders.

More than just coding, I provide technical leadership, mentorship, and guide teams in delivering innovative, quality projects. Working with international brands has sharpened my skills in architecting scalable solutions and enhancing team collaboration.

When not lurking in web dev forums or coding my side projects, I'm enjoying the weatherless landscape of Southern California with my wife, our adventurous 3-year-old, and our two cats named after the Star Trek character "Dax" (🖖🏻).

Chris Boren

My Projects

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Hello EV

A Superb app to find your perfect EV, learn more about these fantastic machines, or just a tool to help you out at the dealership. In Beta soon, launching Q2 2024.

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I'm applying my decade of expeirence in running and marketing conventions to create an event management platform to help simplify running and attending fan events. Public beta in Winter 2024.

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CSS Saturdays

A weekly blog that explores simple CSS concepts to help junior engineers grow. Coming Summer 2024.

Speaking & Events

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Denver Startup Week

Level Up Your Career with (Soft) Skill Points

In this lighthearted talk focused on junior engineers, I explored how to level up your career in ways outside of coding by working on your interpersonal skills. A theme of this talk was to bring your full self to everything you do - quirks and all - and not being afraid to ask dumb questions. Despite the awkwardness for the first 5 minutes or so as I read through the required sponsor sheet, the talk was well received and most of the jokes landed. 🫠

2024 Tech Conferences

I am currently researching various conferences that I could attend and potentially speak at in 2024.