Chris Boren

Developer, Designer, Manager, & Gamer. 🎮

Some people call me Bo. First I fixed computers, then I managed brands. Now I build experiences.

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Hello! 👋🏻

I'm Chris Boren. Some people call me Bo, and for the past decade I've had a wild ride of a career.

First I fixed computers, both for a small software company in Metro Detroit, and as the co-founder of a small repair shop called Detroit Geeks.

Then I managed brands. I helped grow the online presence of one of the largest fan conventions in the country – Detroit's Youmacon, as well as managed the media & online presence of 13 sibling companies in the EMS industry, working with brands such as the Detroit Medical Center, Beaumont, McLaren, MedFlight, Loyola Medicine, Edward-Elmhurst, Genesis, and more. I even designed an Ambulance that's still rolling around the streets of Detroit.

Now, I build experiences. After working at my share of software companies and agencies I settled down as a Staff Engineer at Clique Studios, spending my days building kickass websites and web apps for many brands you know, designed by some of the best minds in the industry.

I currently reside in Southern California with my wife, 2 year old son, and two cats named after the Star Trek character "Dax"🖖🏻.

Brands I've Worked With

Here's a few of the companies and projects I've worked with through my day job at Clique Studios, direct employment, or 1099 gigs on the side:

McDonald'sReact Development
BMWDealership Website Brand Compliance
Red RocksFullstack Development
Lincoln Park ZooFront-End Development
BeaumontEMS Branding & Marketing
AMA FoundationFullstack Development
SGL FinancialDesign & Development
31XWebsite & Consulting

Upcoming Events ✨

Denver Startup Week

September 19th–23rd 2022 The PastDenver, CO, USA

Speaker: Level up your career with (soft) skill points!

I‘ll be hosting a developer talk at Denver Startup Week on Thursday, September 22nd at 11am!

Let‘s take a moment and unchain ourselves from Web3, shuffle away from Swift, flutter away from frameworks, and let‘s talk about your career!

Sure, you‘ve perfected the art of indentation and mastered the mayhem of merge conflicts, but now that you have a solid developer skillset, you‘re wondering what‘s next?!

In this brief panel we‘ll discuss soft skills that will help you take your career to the next level. We‘ll dive into ways to help your non-developer teammates, discuss tips for technical presentations, as well as go over a few things that might help you stand out in an interview.

Thank you to everyone who joined me in Denver!
Slides are now available here 👈👈👈

Jamstack Conf 2022

November 7th–8th 2022San Francisco, CA, USA


I'll be attending the Jamstack Conf this November as an attendee!