Chris Boren Developer, Designer,
Manager, and Father
—Fullstack Software Engineer— Los Angeles, California
An Anime drawing of Chris Boren

Hi, I'm Chris Boren: Fullstack Developer, Occasional Designer, and Reformed Manager

My journey in tech started in Metro Detroit at a small tech repair shop called Detroit Geeks, which I co-founded. It was there that I discovered my passion for development. Today, I work as a Staff Software Engineer, solving complex technical problems and leading significant projects for well-known clients like McDonald's, Hilton, and Red Rocks Amphitheatre, along with various governmental bodies.

I thrive on blending my technical skills with strategic insight to create standout web experiences. My role goes beyond coding; I lead teams, mentor rising talent, and manage projects that make an impact. Working with prominent clients has honed my ability to develop scalable systems and effective teams.

While I’m dedicated to my role as an engineer, I also engage in consulting on the side. This allows me to apply my technical expertise and design sensibility to help other teams enhance their projects. It's rewarding to work collaboratively, bringing new ideas to life and refining them into polished outcomes.

When I’m not geeking out on the latest in web dev or launching side projects, you’ll find me chilling in Southern California with my wife, our energetic son, and our cat named after Ezri Dax 🖖🏻.

Upcoming Projects

Hello EV

An App to find the perfect EV

Testflight & Beta Summer 2024

Anime drawing of a Tesla driving down a road with rolling hills, windmills, and lightning in the sky

CSS Saturdays

Weekly Video Tutorial Series

Beginning Fall 2024

Anime drawing of Chris giving a presentation and comically panicing


Convention Planning Platform

2025? Maybe...

Anime drawing of a group of cosplayers in triceratops hoodies